Journey of a Madman

Chapter 1

My name is Keith aka N HAMSHA. (The name is from a vanity plate I used to have when I lived in Virginia.)

I was born in Bristol, CT in July of 1970. Over the years I have moved around quite a bit. I have lived in Bristol twice as well as Fort Wayne, Indiana; Steger and Park Forest, Illinois; Coldwater, Michigan; Tampa, Florida; Seattle, Washington; Newport News and Hampton, Virginia; Yokosuka, Japan; and my current home in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

I graduated Conant High School (my 13th school) in June of 1988. I moved out of my parents house in August, 1990 and went to seek my fortune in Seattle. I lived out of my car for about two months before joining the Navy.

The Journals start out in 1994 while I was living in Newport News, VA while stationed aboard the USS Enterprise. (The Navy's current commercial is a joke. The Enterprise is the biggest bucket of scrap metal in the fleet.) Anyway, the story starts out as I am leaving for my parents' house just before the Fourth of July Weekend. Enjoy!

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