November 10, 1999
RHPS: 85

Eight months have passed since I touched this website. I am now a Rocky Horror Junkie. I am all but officially a member of the Teseracte Players. I still help out at Absolute Pleasure shows. I've even performed Dr. Scott 3 or 4 times.

The Muchachos just finished a run of five football games. We performed as a pep band and as the halftime show. We next appear in Plymouth, MA on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

March 8, 1999
RHPS: 30

Congratulations to Dan T. and his fiance Amber! They are going to be getting married in August. Bring rice!

New Hampshire finally got hit with a significant amount of snow! Just TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE START OF SPRING, we get our first snow "storm" with more than six inches of accumulation. Now if only I had time to go skiing!

February 5, 1999
RHPS: 26

I experienced my virgin RHPS performance at Johnson & Wales College in Providence, RI. I filled in as a techie for the Absolute Pleasure Players.

February 3, 1999
RHPS: 25

I went down to New London, CT on 1/30 to see a special performance by Absolute Pleasure. The cast and the audience rocked. It was one of the best RHPS shows I've been to in a long time. At the intermission, I was talking to one of the RKO Players in the lobby, and he told me about Dan and his new cast, the Natural Born Chaos Cast.

My other passion is drum & bugle corps. I play soprano bugle for the Muchachos of Manchester, NH. We should be performing in early March for the Manchester St. Patrick's Day Parade. (Manchester holds its SPD parade a week or two early so as not to conflict with Boston's festivities.)