The Full Body Cast

The Rules

of Harvard Square

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Full Body Cast performs every Saturday night at midnight at the Loews Theatre on Church Street in Harvard Square.  They have two full casts that perform alternate weeks.  The cast features original preshows, the new Broadway version of the Time Warp, and one of the most well done virgin calls in New England. The Full Body Cast strives to be one of the most screen accurate casts anywhere.

Admission is $9.25 plus $1 for a “Bag of Shit.”
Tickets may be pre-ordered through 1-617-333-FILM or

At the request of the Loews Theater management, please refrain from foul language outside the theater.
This includes ATTITUDE CHECKS.

The Shitlist:

Rice Sold at the show*
Water Guns Prohibited
Open Flames Only Mark and Marc
Lighters Prohibited
Toilet Paper Sold at the show*
Toast Allowed
Hot Dogs Prohibited
Cards Sold at the show*
*The cast will sell a bag of shit for $1 including rice, party hats, noisemakers, cards, TP, and Halloween leftovers


From I-95/SR-128 take exit 29 to SR-2 East.  Go past the turn-off for Alewife Station and veer left towards a traffic light.  Go straight through the traffic light.  At the next light, turn right on to SR-2A/Massachusetts Avenue (Mass. Ave.).  After about 2-3 miles, you will see a conceptual art sculpture in front of an MBTA station (Porter).  Veer right and stay on Mass. Ave.  After about another mile, you will see Cambridge Common on both sides of the road.  Look for parking here.  It usually clears out a little bit after 11PM on Saturday.  Continue down Mass. Ave. past a small cemetery and a church.  Turn right on to Church Street.  The theatre is on the left.  It is recommended that you arrive before 11:45 as FBC does occasionally sell out.  The theatre holds about 120.


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