The Rocky Horror Show


The Cultural Arts Playhouse

Bethpage, NY

As I walked into this theater for the first time, I was astonished at how perfect it was for Rocky Horror. The audience lighting is only a large neon light spelling out the theater's name. The back row is within a toilet paper lob of the stage. Ironically, I was not there for Rocky when I had this thought. Guys and Dolls was the show of the evening.

I returned to see the Rocky Horror Show a few weeks later. As the neon light went out, two usherettes, dressed in traditional Trixie-style uniforms, appeared at center stage. As one began to sing the slow version of Science Fiction Double Feature, the other began to touch and fell the singer. As the song progressed, two ushers, also in Trixie-style uniforms, and one with "Rainbow Brite" hair joined the two ladies. Eventually this gathering became an simulated orgy, with the women alternately singing all the while.

The wedding scene was brief and Brad quickly launched into Dammit Janet. As he and Janet finished their song, the Criminologist appeared behind a desk. His rapid but clear delivery of his lines from the original script kept even seasoned Rocky veterans a step behind him in their attempts to make him miss his cue.

Brad and Janet find their way to their car made of Trannies (complete with vocalized sound effects). The get a flat and go to seek help at the castle they had seen. Brad does sing the second verse of There's a Light, but unfortunately, it would be the last time the show followed the original script outside of the Criminologist's performance.

The show progresses through the Time Warp and Sweet Tranvestite. Enter Rocky. Rocky was very well built. He had arms the same size as my thighs. Although he appeared to sing his own parts, all his spoken parts were cut. During I Can Make You a Man, Rocky did his push-ups with Frank sitting on his back.

The remainder of the show followed the movie all too closely, including the skipping of Once In a While.

After the show, the cast came out for an encore of the Time Warp and I was literally dragged on stage by Rocky.

All in all, it was a very good performance. The costumes could have competed for screen accuracy and possibly won. All the actors were very well prepared for the audience participation aspect of the show.


copyright ©2000 A†las