The Full Body Cast

Gender Bender Pt. 1

As the applause died down from the preshow, a figure climbed from the shadows onto the stage left platform. The initial conclusion was that Richard O'Brien had arrived to play the part he originated. A closer look seemed to indicate that the person in question was Jon, the cast's best Riff. But this was the Gender Bender, surely it could not be a man standing there. As the lights came up and Riff Raff began to sing, it was revealed to be Sarah T., normally a Janet, but tonight looking every bit like the character she was portraying. Sarah truly nailed the part. It was one of the best Riff Raff performances I've seen by either sex.

The funniest thing about gender benders is of course, getting the men to play the female parts. I know of no males who perform Magenta, Columbia, or Janet on a regular basis. Gary, normally Riff Raff, played Janet tonight. While Gary was playing the part for laughs as much as anything else, he looked and performed well. He was easily the best male Janet I've seen.

Coureton played a bearded Magenta. Surprisingly, the look worked for him and even fooled a close friend. His performance of the part was credible after a rough start during the Roxy Time Warp.

Amber, forever typecast as a Columbia, broke the mold tonight as she played Rocky. Her main objective for the night seemed to be popping Gary's breasts. (Fortunately, Gary had a legion of techs standing by with extra balloons.) Amber seemed to especially have fun during Touch Me. Instead of placing her hands on Gary's breasts as Rocky does, she removed the balloon from the bra and started batting it about as a cat would play with a ball of yarn.

Linda's performance as Eddie finally completed her quest to play every part in Rocky Horror.

Best Female in a Male RoleSarah as Frank and Riff
Best Male in a Female RoleGary as Janet
Most Original FemaleJenn as Edwina
Most Original MaleAcid as Magenta (Space suit)
Most Original PropAmber's Roller Skates (Dr. Scott)
Sexiest FemaleBianca as Rocky
Sexiest MaleTie: Jon in Preshow 2
Coureton as Trixie
Ugliest WomanBruce as Columbia
Best Use of BreastsAmber as Rocky
Best AP LineI didn't know Jesus was a cross dresser
Worst Impersonation of a
Championship Baseball Team
The Boston Red Sox


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