The Rocky Horror Show
at the
Seacoast Repertory Theatre

The retirement of Craig Faulkner from the role of Frank last year made me wonder if this show could live up to its local legendary status. Did it ever! Craig found his true place in the show as the leader of the house band, Bedbug Eddy. His replacement as Frank, Billy Butler is absolutely outstanding.

Craig Faulkner and Bedbug Eddy opened the show by playing covers of popular song from theatre and pop music, including a local favorite by Radiohead. They set the frenetic pace of this show that allowed it to be performed in under 90 minutes.

Billy Butler has an incredible voice reminiscent of Tim Curry. For I'm Going Home, Billy took advantage of a piano left on stage from the previous show that evening and played the song himself.

Greg DeCandia is still the greatest man I've ever seen play Riff Raff! He made his entrance hanging upside-down from the rafters during Over at the Frankenstein Place and never stayed on the ground for very long throughout the show. Though he always seemed to be the center of attention, he never upstaged Billy but rather complimented him nicely. (Frank as a straightman...who knew?)

The Narrator was a man and a woman dressed as a dominatrix and her submissive trading lines and often sitting among the audience. Rob Scullin, who played Eddie and Dr. Scott, also came out at the end of the show as a tow truck driver complete with a gratuitous ass crack display.