Orgy in a Sock

Orgy In A Sock is the Brandeis University RHPS Fan Club. They host a show once or twice a year.

7/23/00 Review: Orgy in a Sock hosted their first summertime show with a little help from the Absolute Pleasure Players and the Full Body Cast. Congratulations to Jason on his first ever performance as Frank. Good Show!

4/10/00 Review: Orgy in a Sock put on a great show. Brad and Riff never looked so good. (Janet wasn't bad either.) After dinner, all the virgins (and a few veterans) piled up in the center of the room. About the only thing lacking from this show was a drag queen contest. It's not often more than a handful of men show up in costume. OIAS should have taken advantage of the situation. Maybe next time???

Directions to Brandeis University
These directions have been tested on a dark and rainy night. They SUCK!!

Disclaimer/Credits: These directions were provided by the Rocky Horror Association of New England. I edited and ad libbed them slightly to make them more accurate and readable.

You can also find more information at the Brandeis University website, including a map of the campus.

The Brandeis University Castle


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