The Rocky Horror Show

at the

Seacoast Repertory Theatre


Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Directed by Craig Faulkner
Musical Direction by Paul Erwin
Choreography by James Girgenti

7/2/99 Performance

This was definitely NOT the movie! Imagine the movie with twice the sexuality and twice the energy. Now imagine the movie with all the dead time cut out. Now imagine the movie on about ten cups of Starbucks' most potent coffee. This is the way the movie should have been done.

The set of the show had a very dark, gothic look to it. As the audience filed in, the insane criminologist was already on stage, chained to the wall. Later shows had him swinging out on a beam. The new lighting made him look even more insane.

The performance by the criminologist (Brian Peters) was intense. By the end of the show, you fully believe this man is stark, raving mad and ready to pull his chains from the wall. From the time the audience first entered the theatre to the final curtain call, Brian never came out of character.

Craig Faulkner (Frank) played his part to a T (or is that a Sweet T). It was the perfect mix of playing the part straight and playing off the audience participation lines. His facial expressions were priceless.

Brad Majors is the perfect geek and the perfect clutz. The bedroom scene reminded me of a recent South Park episode where Cartman's kitten discovers "the big cats." After the bedroom scene, Brad starts singing "Once in a While" and gets bitch-slapped by Frank.

Janet plays her innocence well through the first half of the production, but later shows the true slut in her as she gives both Frank and Rocky a run for their money. She is also the best singer of the lot.

Riff Raff is truly evil in this performance. And truly perverted. He takes long leering looks at Janet and Magenta every chance he gets. He also displays his preference for S&M as he takes Frank's whip and beats himself as he hobbles off to find Janet and Rocky

Magenta as usual has the problem of being a bit part outside of the Time Warp and the final scene. But she makes the most of her presence on stage. During Dr. Scott's scene, she props her leg up on a four-foot wall (while wearing a short, tattered skirt). Scott, Frank, and Riff-Raff walk over and start describing "a metal obviously not of this Earth."

Columbia's regular actress is highlighted below, but on July 30, a guest actress played the part. I didn't get her name, but she was the regular Columbia in last year's production. This woman can screech!!! "Do you hear me?!! (They can hear you in Boston!)"

Not to be forgotten in this great performance was the audience. The audience really had a great time and it allowed the performers to be that much better. Some of the AP lines had RHPS veterans rolling in their seats!

Featured Actress
Caroline Price

Caroline is a 19-year-old student from Keene State College in New Hampshire. She first saw the Rocky Horror Show two years ago and has been hooked ever since. She claims she has never seen RHPS in a movie theatre and hopes to do so soon. Caroline is a huge fan of Little Nell. She is also a dead ringer look-alike of Little Nell. Caroline is also performing at Seacoast as a chorus girl in Crazy For You.

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